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About fund

The principal business activity of FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP (FREEDOM IG.) is investing in securities markets of foreign companies (European and American companies). Over 70% of Fund assets invested in American companies’ portfolio. Some 10% of assets evenly split between European companies. And the level of our Working Capital Fund stands at 20%.

If you understand our company's policy you can join us. If not, don’t waste your time. Development of FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP is one of the core principles of our business activity. and we think it is important to tell what has been done, what we do now and what we plan to realize in the future.

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Terms of investment

  • The minimum deposit is 10 $
  • The maximum deposit is 10 000 $
  • Automatic payments on EPS of Perfect Money, Payeer, Nixmoney, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Payza.
  • Three unique investment proposal
  • Affiliate program 7-2-1%

payments chart on deposits

Chart reflects the total amount on deposit and updates in real time.



We work in an investment area and against from any risks.


It takes a few minutes.


Let our team of real estate professionals be your team.


Good daily income.


An automatic withdrawal on e-wallet.


  • Create a deposit

  • Invest in shares

  • Expectation of price growth

  • Sell stocks

  • Profit-taking