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About the fund

The principal business activity of FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP (FREEDOM IG.) invests in securities markets of foreign companies (European and American companies). Over 70% of Fund assets invested in American companies’ portfolio. Some 10% of assets evenly split between European companies. And the level of our Working Capital Fund stands at 20%.

If you understand our company's policy, you can join us. If not, don’t waste your time. Development of FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP is one of the core principles of our business activity. and we think it is important to tell what has been done, what we do now and what we plan to realize in the future.

FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP Fund was developed by a small community of private investors. We invested into domestic companies, but soon we began to invest into companies abroad. Since early 2000, we’d never had such communication tools. It was very risky to invest into domestic companies because we couldn’t be sure about their future. The tremendous experience gained during over 16 years and formed an experienced team of specialists.

We’ve broad in depth knowledge of practice for public offering and capital markets operations.

As companies were located in different parts of the world we had a grate opportunity to buy and sell our company’s stocks.

At that time, we formed our Fund FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP. As we mentioned above, FREEDOM IG invests in security markets of foreign companies, especially American companies.

Why do we invest in foreign markets? And why is it profitable?

As we can say that many years’ American global companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Citigroup, Chevron, ExxonMobil, General Electric, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer etc., are always on the top position in the worldwide market. We can rely on them. We trust them. This will avoid all risks.

As some of you may already know short selling allows us to profit from a falling stock. Stock prices are constantly rising and falling. But average stock price increase between 10-15% per day. We must say, the stake owned by shareholders has bring an enormous profit.

You don’t need to waist your time monitoring the situation on stocks markets. But it’s enough to follow the news and watch a statistic from time to time. And don’t lose an opportunity to sell stocks and take a profit!

Clearly, higher assets turnover ratio is relevance and should hold more weight. That is why we developed this resource. Here you can trust us your funds and held them in beneficial interest. All you need to sign up and choose a right tariff plan and starts making money!

Why is it more profitable than if I invest my own money?

We have a great experience. We have our own finances. We have a Fund that is carefully managed to providing benefits our investors. If your shares have not brought the expected profits, anyway you will receive a fixed rate (depending on the tariff). We pay the missing amount from FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP Fund. Since next filling of balance by financial investments, we release our provision. The excess shall be set off against the revolving Fund of our company.

As you can see, FREEDOM INVESTMENT GROUP is a growing, sustainable, responsible and reliable company. Start making money withought any risks!


    Today we work in one of the most profitable niches without risk!


    major companies' stocks are growing, according to this we increase our profit every day!


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    We use advanced security standards to protect your data


    We pay profit on your deposits 24/7


    We diversify the funds because we want to obtain higher return on existing assets.


Today the company offers their partners the best way to invest. The company's success requires the full commitment of us and we must make a strict decision without any risk. Above all, it depends on cooperation with many large companies. These main factors allow us to ensure financial stability, thereby increasing the profits.